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Crazy Zombie 6.0 Title Screen
Crazy Zombie 6.0 Gameplay

Crazy Zombie 6.0: Super Heroes is a sixth edition of the popular crossover beat 'em up game. Once again, we return to the streets full of undead, to send them to where they came from. Another powerful heroes join the game's roster. This time the developers added Ultraman, Orochi (King of Fighters), Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible), and Kenji (Red Earth). Now you can choose your hero to fight the plague from 16 unique playable characters.

Crazy Zombie 6 allows you to play in 5 different game modes, but only two of them are available immediately: Eschatology Mode and Challange Mode. You must beat them to unlock the rest of content. You can invite your friend to fight the undead together using one keyboard. This will definitely increase your chances! During the game, you'll earn money, which you can spend on improving your character. You can upgrade HP, attack power, defense, and even get the rebirth option.

Your character can move in four directions ( W, S, A, D ), jump ( K ), pick up items ( J ), attack in melee range ( J ), attack from a distance ( L ), perform special attacks ( U ), and powerful special attacks ( I ). For some actions, your character needs energy which you can charge by attacking opponents or pressing O. Various combinations of directional keys with attacking keys can result in spectacular combos!

You'll find default key bindings for both players below. If you want, you can change the key bindings in Options > Control > Custom menu.

All playable characters in Crazy Zombie 6: Shimo, Sonson, Skullomania, Goku, Zero, Mina, Mario, Chicken, Hulk, Knight, Freeza, Asuna, Mebius, Orochi, Bob Parr, and Kenji. Who will you choose?


WSADMoveJLAttackJPick upKJumpUISpecial attackOEnergy charge


Move13Attack1Pick up2Jump45Special attack6Energy charge

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