Why my game doesn't load?

You need to install correct plug-in's. Flash games need Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave games need Adobe Shockwave Player, Unity need Unity plug-in and Java games need Applet Java. Check whether you have these plug-ins installed in your browser. If not - you can download them unpaid from producer's sites.

Update your Internet browser. The newest games sometimes cannot be displayed in out of date versions. If it not works try to play using another browser.

Wait. Part of games need a few minutes to load. Don't mean about empty/black screen during several seconds. Lag time can be result of slow connection with Internet or bigger game size.

Contact with us if you tire out all of those options and you still can't solve the problem with launch the game. Together we can find the solution.

Why is the game running slow?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that online games are usually very simple, they can be demanding for the computer. The higher graphics quality and the more dynamic effects are on the screen, the game may run slower. However, this applies very, very old computers.

Another reason not optimal games working can be "a mess" on your computer. Today’s Internet is not saving your browser and require it to process and store massive amounts of data. These data should be periodically cleaned because a large number of it reduces the efficiency of the browser. To clean up your computer you can use, for example, simple and free CCleaner program.

Why mobile game does not work?

Mobile games available on the pages of our site are made in html5 technology and adapted to the latest mobile browsers. As the browser from different producer can vary, we are not able to guarantee the proper games working on all devices.

You can try to upgrade your browser on your mobile device or, if possible, take another one and check on it if the game is displayed correctly.

Can I play flash games on the pad?

Yes, but you need to use a small trick. You cannot configure the gamepad in the classic way to support the game – for several reasons. However, you can use the emulation, to tell the computer that your gamepad is the keyboard. This is done with appropriate programs, unfortunately, often paid or available for free for a limited time. You can start the search from:

My saved games disappeared, why?

Most games offer recording state of the game on the principle of "SharedObject". In practice, this means that the information on the state of the game are stored on your computer in temporary files. If you do a full cleaning of your computer together with cookies, unfortunately, your data can be lost. This is a general negative solution in which the player gets interesting options without creating an account and logging. No pain no gain.

My favorite games disappeared why?

The situation is similar to the state of the game. Your favorite games are stored in a cookies, and if you delete all cookies, your data will be lost. Remember too, that a list of favorite games are created separately depending on which language version of you use.

How can I unpack downloaded games?

Almost all files found on DBZGames are packed to .zip or .rar format and all of them are packaged using WinRAR. We recommend this program to unpack the downloaded files, but you can use any other program that you like.

Page is not loading correctly.

Our website has been created using the latest technologies in order to obtain the best efficiency. Thus, there may be problems with its correct display of old-generation browsers (ie. Internet Explorer 6). To overcome this problem, just update your favorite browser to the latest version. We recommend it also for safety reasons, because updates primarily fixing bugs and security measures in browsers. For now to update your browser, click on the chosen link below.