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Dragon Ball Z Team Training Title Screen
Dragon Ball Z Team Training Gameplay

One of the most original games from the Dragon Ball Z universe that you can find on our website. Actually, it's a hack (modification) of a very popular game from Game Boy Advance, Pokemon Fire Red. This mod was created by Z-Max, the big fan of Dragon Ball Z, who was not the first to undertake such a difficult effort but was the first to complete this kind of modification.

A great adventure awaits you in this amazing world! If you know games from the Pokemon series, you know what to expect. This time you collect a team of powerful fighters. You can train them by fighting with opponents and other "trainers", which you'll encounter on your way. A total of 165 warriors are waiting to join your team and help you in the fight with your enemies. You'll meet here Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan -- also in the SuperSaiyan God form -- but also Broly, Bear Thief, Taopaipai, Drum, and other characters rarely seen in the Dragon Ball games at all. You can create a team of your dreams and lead your warriors to the victory!

The gameplay is exactly the same as in the Pokémon games. As a "Trainer", you'll travel the world in search of new fighters for your team. Of course, you can also look for all 7 Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to fulfill your wish. What you'll do in the game depends only on you. Remember to talk to the NPCs, because you can often get useful information from them, including the location of rare warriors. Pay attention to every detail and become the best trainer!

You don't have to start the game from the beginning if you've played it before. Hover over the game screen and use the icons to save (down arrow) or load (up arrow) your progress. Don't use the in-game save system, it won't work. If you want, you can also change key bindings (keyboard icon).

Updated to the latest v7 version.



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