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Dragon Ball Z Tribute 0.5 Title Screen
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The game is no longer available.

Dragon Ball Z Tribute 0.5 is probably the first playable version of the game in Flash technology. This project has been created since 1999 and in 2004 after transferred to Action Script was published in Newgrounds. It received good ratings and maintaining high popularity all the time it's being developed to this day, now known as Dragon Ball Z Devolution. The next versions of the game are made in the full color.

Dragon Ball Z Tribute includes several game modes: Story, Versus, and Tenkaichi Budokai. In Story mode, you can once again experience the most important battles from Dragon Ball Z series. Versus mode allows you to fight against CPU or your friend using one keyboard (check the key bindings under this drescription). If you want, you can also watch the fight between two characters controled by computer AI. Tenkaichi Budokai is a tournament mode in which up to 8 players or CPU characters can compete each other.

The game has a fairly high level of difficulty and the controls require some practice especially if you've previously played newer versions of the game. Characters can move in all directions (         ) including dashes ( C + directional key ), attack in melee range ( X ) and from the distance ( hold C + X ), charge energy ( C ), and block ( V ). If you want to win, you have to watch the opponent's moves all the time and manage the energy well. Powerful special attacks are easy to dodge, so you have to choose the most appropriate moment to use them. The longer you hold C + X, the more powerful Ki attack will be. Remember, you can change key binds for both players in Setup menu.

It's worth to check the latest version of the Dragon Ball Z Devolution which includes much longer Story, huge amount of characters, arenas, and other game modes. At the moment, the game next to the events and characters from Dragon Ball Z also includes content from GT, Super, and even from Dragon Ball movies and commercial games. More information on the game also can be found on the official website.


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