Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission: Card Edit, Mission Edit, Limited Battles, Ahms' second form

The latest issue of V-Jump magazine revealed some new details on upcoming Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. The game introduces several new features like Card Edit and Mission Edit.

  • Card Edit - you can get a blank card to which you can add illustrations, effects, and abilities which will create a completely new original card. The rarer blank card, the more powerful the card you can create.
  • Mission Edit - create your own missions and share them with other players online. You can also play custom missions created by other players.
  • Limited Battle - an online battle rule that places restrictions on the number and rarity of cards. If you win a Limited Battle you may receive a very rare reward. Each Limited Battle win increases the rarity of your reward.

The magazine also revealed the second form of Ahms, an artificial intelligence life-form created by Sealas. The right half of its body looks like half of Cell's body, while its left half looks like Freeza.

Bandai Namco also release Card Creation Trailer for the game, which shows how Card Edit exactly works. Watch the video below.

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