Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission: Third free update now available

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission has received a third free update that is now available on all platforms, Bandai Namco announced. The update contains the following content:

  • 15 new cards:
    • UM7-055 Jiren
    • UM7-054 Top
    • UM6-045 Kefla
    • UM6-046 Hit
    • UM8-028 Beerus
    • UM8-031 Champa
    • UM8-030 Heles
    • UM8-034 Belmod
    • UM3-066 Hit
    • UM6-042 Cabba
    • UM6-043 Kale
    • UM6-044 Caulifla
    • UM4-017 Goku
    • UM4-018 Gohan (Adult)
    • UM4-022 Frieza: Resurrection
  • 5 new Quest Missions
  • New Accessories

Watch the update trailer below.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is now available worldwide for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Find more information about the game in our Dragon Ball Video Games Encyclopedia.

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