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Bleach vs Naruto Title Screen
Bleach vs Naruto Gameplay

A simple and addictive crossover in which the worlds of Bleach and Naruto have merged. In this game, you control Tōshirō Hitsugaya and fight against an infinite number of Naruto clones, that were created using Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. To start the fight, run towards the first place with the light. When the clones appear, fight and try not to lose your health! When you defeat the clones, run right to the next place where you'll have more clones to deal with. How many clones can you destroy?

The game has simple controls. Tōshirō can run left and right (     ), jump ( TOP ), block opponents' attacks (   ), and attack using a sword ( SPACE ). Theoretically, there is also a special attack ( N ), but it doesn't do anything spectacular. Focus on precise attacking by using your sword. Remember that an attack is not everything. Block attacks, because when you lose all your health points, you'll see game over screen.

This game is not a part of the Bleach vs Naruto fighting games series.


MoveJumpBlockSPACEAttackNSpecial attack


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