Jump Force: Story Mode details

The latest issue of V-Jump magazine reveals a lot details on the game's story and the new characters created exclusively for the game by Akira Toriyama. Take a look at the scan below for more details.

Jump Force - V-Jump scan

Translated scan thanks to ShonenGames.

The new characters

  • Grabber - Knowledgable in both the Real and Jump worlds, Grabber is the chief of Ambras Base and assists the Jump Force in stopping the dark forces.
  • Kain - dons golden armor and rules the evil group known as the "Venoms" strikes fear the hearts of his enemies. He wants to destroy both the Real and Jump worlds.
  • Garena - a beautiful fairy like Female that appears alongside Kain. There's something more to her than what meets the eye!

The Onyx Book and Comic Cube

The Onyx Book creates an item known as the Cosmic Cube. It doesn't have a mind of its own, as it creates beings both Good and Evil. The key that links the Real and Jump worlds is hidden within the Onyx Book. Ambras, the world that exists between two worlds was created via the Onyx Book in order to control everything! The Onux Book birthed the Comic Cube which gathered energy across superhuman abilities to those with hidden natural powers, whether they become Heroes... or Villains.

Jump Force will be launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) in February 2019. At the moment there are no plans to release the game on Nintendo Switch

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