Hyper Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo Released

Few days ago Piccolo has been released publicly and you can add him to your Hyper Dragon Ball Z build. You can also download the entire game with added Piccolo.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo
Hyper Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo

How to add Piccolo

  • Download Piccolo files.
  • Extract the .rar file, and place that folder into Hyper DBZ folder/chars
  • Open select.def in Hyper DBZ folder/data folder using a text editior (Notepad for example) and find one of an --empty-- lines in the character names list.
  • Replace one of them with PiccoloZ2, stagesdblookout.def, includestage=0, order=1 or PiccoloZ2, PiccoloZ2.def.
Hyper Dragon Ball Z - Correct select.def modification
Correct select.def modification
  • Save and close select.def file.
  • Launch HyperDBZ.exe and if you did everything correctly, Piccolo should now be present in the character line-up!

Full movelist for Piccolo included in the character folder. Take a look to Piccolo in action in the video below.

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