Hyper Dragon Ball Z: New build 4.2B now available

Team Z2 has released a new version of Hyper Dragon Ball Z, the most popular Dragon Ball Z fan game. You can download it now in our download section Let's take a look at the trailer and check out what's new we'll find in this fantastic game. Watch the launch trailer below.

Updates list

  • Added updates and bug fixes for all characters.
  • Added Buu, Gotenks, and Farmer with shotgun.
  • Added new color-separation to Freeza, Golden Freeza, and Goku.
  • Thusly added new palette previews for SSJ Goku.
  • Re-ordered fights in Arcade Mode.
  • Added previews for upcoming characters on the select screen: Krillin, Tien, Android 18, and Cell.
  • Added new sets of default palettes for Vegeta, Majin Vegeta, Gohan, Goku, SSJ Goku, and the Dabura assist.

Remember that you can help the creators who make Hyper Dragon Ball Z for you in their spare time. If you like their pixelart work, support them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheBalthazar.

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