Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Android 21 comes to the game

Android 21, an original character from Dragon Ball FighterZ, will join the fight in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, the latest issue of V-Jump magazine revealed. This is another card with transformation mechanics. After meeting specific requirements, this card gains new abilities and stats. SSR is a starting rarity of this card.

The V Jump also reveals a special event that will take place in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle in August. The players will play The Super Warriors Saga from Dragon Ball FighterZ. We will learn more about the event in next announcements from Bandai Namco.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - Android 21 V-Jump scan

Translated scan thanks to Shonen Games.

You can learn more about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and download the game to your device in our Apps section.

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