Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Goku Ultra Instinct and new story features in DLC Extra Pack 2

The latest edition of the V-Jump reveals more details about the upcoming Extra Pack 2, the sixth paid DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The game will add Goku Ultra Instinct form and new features in Story Mode.

The new Ultra Instinct Goku has several new interesting attacks. Hiken, a powerful fist attack can be chained up to 3 times. Doding moves can be done while Goku is in Ultra Instinct and attacks against him will be automatically dodged. The most powerful attack is God Awakening Performance. Approach Goku's enemy with incredible speed then rush them down with flurry of blows, launching them across the map with ki blast. Even if rush misses, Goku can use up resources to restart the assault. In addition, Goku can use skill Accelerated Stamina, that allows him greatly increase his strength. This ability is exclusive to Ultra Instinct.

Extra Pack 2 will also provide new features for Story Mode. You don't need to keep up the events from original timeline while doing it. The main story will change in accordance with the amount of changes you chose to perform. As we mentioned in previous announcements, you'll now be accompanied by a partner. Your choice of partner and timeline decisions will be registered in Tokipedia.

You can find all new details on the scan below. Translated scan thanks to Shonen Games.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - V-Jump scan

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