Dragon Ball FighterZ: Broly and Bardock in the upcoming first DLC

The latest edition of the V-Jump reveals details of the upcoming first DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Broly and Bardock are two new characters that will soon join the game's roster. Both characters will be a powerful new support for your team.

Broly thanks to his insane strength and reach blow his enemies away. His 3 Bar Super Special launches a massive energy ball that's crashing down his opponent. His stats: Power: SS; Speed: C; Reach: SS; Technique: B; Energy: S.

Bardock, Goku's father and mighty Saiyan, shines in hand-to-hand combat. He is distinguished by high speed and power. Also, during his powerful Meteor Super, Badock goes Super Saiyan! His stats: Power: S; Speed: S; Reach: B; Technique: C; Energy: A.

Translated scan below, thanks to Shonen Games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - V-Jump scan

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