Dragon Ball Unreal: Mobile version, multiplayer gameplay, future of the project

Dragon Ball Unreal is one of the hottests Dragon Ball fan games of recent years. It's being developed by one person, Emud, who despite many difficulties, continuously provides to fans new screenshots, gameplay footages, and playable demos. Recently, Emud has released a new demo of Dragon Ball Unreal mobile version prototype, that fans have asked for a long time. How does it look and where can you download it?

DBU Mobile for Android

DBU Mobile features movement system, character customization, transformations, and even a combat system. At the moment, only owners of Android phone with Snapdragon CPU's will launch the game. You can explore two maps, The Antarctic and King Kai's Planet, and check the combat system on one opponent. Don't expect an exciting fight, because AI has not yet been implemented and your opponent is just a training doll.

Emud doesn't allow to share a link to the apk file. If you want download the game, go to the official DBU Discord and then to "download-descargar" room. There you'll find a link to the game file.

Some screenshots from DBU Mobile (source: Emud's Twitter):

Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile - Screenshot
Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile - Screenshot
Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile - Screenshot
Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile - Screenshot

Desktop version

The first playable public demo of Dragon Ball Unreal was released 2 years ago. The visual part of the game has charmed everyone and the Internet has begun announcing DBU as a fan-based game that is even better than the Xenoverse series. In practice, the game was beautiful, but nothing more. Demo features only movement and customization system. Everyone was waiting for more updates, which will prove that the game will also have unreal gameplay, and then we got the information that Emud deleted old project and start all over again.

The first Multiplayer Demo for Dragon Ball Unreal with a working combat system was released in April 2018 only for Emud's Patreons. You can watch the battle between Emud and Youtuber AtlasZero below.

As you've seen, the combat system is mainly based on throws, rushes, and hard attacks that blow your opponent away. Of course, there are special attacks, transformations that increase damage (perhaps?), but at this moment the combat system doesn't look so impressive (of course, it's also a matter of preference), and animations behind the cover of beautiful flashy stuffs are very simple and more similar to games like ZEQ2 than games created nowadays. In addition, with this combat system, Emud will have a very difficult task to add decent AI to give players the opportunity to play/practice with bots -- and in a game of this type it's absolutely necessary. However, this is a very early version, so we can expect that everything in the final release will be improved.

Anyway, Emud is the only creator of the game and he had to create everything from scratch (twice). The game includes a very nice character customization system, many character transformations, and even influencing the environment by using specific skills. In addition, Emud did it in one year (ESF Team, have you heard?).

Recently, Emud had a lot of problems with copyrights strikes on YouTube. TOEI began to block more and more of his videos, and at one moment his channel was a step away from being shut down. Now, the situation has calmed down and it looks like we can expect more new playable builds and who knows, maybe one day the final version of the game. Two months ago, Emud released a trailer on his YouTube channel showing what he implement to the game so far. Watch the video below.

If you believe in this project, you can help Emud create new YouTube videos by supporting him on Patreon. Then, you'll be able to download the latest multiplayer demo that is not publicly available.

The importance of fan games

All fan games and the level of interest in them by players is undoubtedly a huge source of knowledge for Bandai Namco. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but after the wave of the huge popularity of Hyper Dragon Ball Z, which many players set higher than most commercial fighting games from the Dragon Ball franchise, we got a great Dragon Ball FighterZ. Did Hyper Dragon Ball Z show that players want a classic skill based fighting game, preferably 2D (or 2.5 :)? Maybe. Dragon Ball Unreal proved that Goku in a realistic world is also cool thing. Someone might like to see some connection with Jump Force, in which the heroes from our favorite manga and anime series come to our world and fight, for example, on the streets of New York. Of course, it's just guesses.

Jump Force - Goku screenshot
Jump Force - Goku

Goku and company are an important part of the childhood of many of us. Bandai Namco knows that and follows a very good policy towards fan projects, not disturbing them, and at the same time perhaps also to learn something from them. Let's hope that there are still many fan and commercial games that will give us a lot of joy.

You can also download the old playable demo in our download section. Demo features only movement system and shows some cosmetic stuff, but it's worth checking out how Dragon Ball Unreal has changed in the last 2 years.

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