Dragon Ball FighterZ: November free update trailer and details

Dragon Ball FighterZ received a new free update adding some new features to the game. Bandai Namco also published a trailer showing what new interesting things players will find in the game right now, and what else will be added on December 5. Two of three new features are available today on all platforms. Watch the trailer and learn more about the details below.

FighterZ Tournament

This is a new online tournament mode in which 8 players compete each other with different rules - for example: invisible health and ki gauges, Yamcha as the only available character, only Kamehameha users, etc. The winners and runners-up in each tournament will receive special rare rewards and Z Trophies. And here we're moving on to the next new feature.

Z Trophy Room

Now players can decorate their own "room" with Z Trophies and other rewards that they won during the game. Each room is unique and the background can be chosen from many popular places known from the manga as well as Dragon Ball FighterZ game. The full list of available backgrounds at this moment:

  • Kame House
  • Goku's Childhood Home
  • Bulma's Plane
  • Gowasu's Chamber
  • Frieza's Spaceship
  • Android 21's Laboratory
  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  • Snake Way & King Kai's Planet
  • Tournament of Power Arena

New Seasonal Z Capsules

A new Z Capsules containing Christmas-themed items like avatars and outfit color schemes will be available on December 5. Vegeta, Trunks, Tien and Android 18 will get Santa Claus themed avatars, with Krillin and Buu dressed as a reindeer and snowman respectively. Christmas color set (featuring red, green, and gold) will be available for all characters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D fighting game that uses a three-vs-three team battle system. Developed by Arc System Works, has been released by Bandai Namco for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2018. The game will be also released for Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2018 in Japan and on September 28 in Americas and Europe. You can find more information about Dragon Ball FighterZ in our encyclopedia.

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