If you want to master the controls in Dragon Ball FighterZ, in this guide you'll find the most important information. The control system is very friendly for beginner players, so even if you haven't played fighting games too much, you can master the basics quite quickly. This guide is about control during the game. If you want to learn how to navigate the Lobby, all you need to know can be found in our Lobby guide.

We always show the default button mapping, but you can remap your controller's buttons in the game options at any time. However, we don't recommend doing this if you're a novice player.

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Basic Controls

In every fighting game, the most important thing is to learn basic control scheme. You can do many different moves during the fight. Note that some of them, like Super Dash or Dragon Rush, you can execute by pressing two buttons at the same time or simply press the right bumper on your controller.

Light Attack:
Perform a light attack.
Medium Attack:
Perform a medium attack.
Heavy Attack:
Perform a heavy attack.
Special Attack:
Perform a basic special attack.
Assist Attack: or
Perform an assist attack with the second or the third character in your team.
Dragon Rush: + or
Dash toward the opponent and perform a throw, which cannot be blocked in most situations.
Ki Charge: +
Press and hold to charge up your Ki.
Sparking Blast: +
Use to rapidly recover all blue health and slightly increase your attack damage. The opponent will get knocked back if stands close.
Super Dash: +or
Rush toward the opponent and perform an attack.
Vanish: +
Perform a teleport attack. Vanish costs one Ki bar.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Movement

Your character can quickly shorten the distance to the opponent using dashes or avoid an attack by backstep. You can also make a very high jump to surprise your opponent with an attack from the air.

Dash toward the opponent.
Distance yourself from the opponent.
Big Jump:
Perform a really big jump.

Auto Combos

Dragon Ball FighterZ Auto Combos

Thanks to Auto Combos, players without experience with fighting games can have fun in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Of course, more advanced players who can perform long and deadly manual combo will not give you a chance in a competitive game. However, this is a good start to learning how to fight, and then look for tips on how to improve your skills.

Light Auto Combo: ,,,
Perform a light auto combo.
Medium Auto Combo: ,,,
Perform a medium auto combo.

The biggest downside to auto combos is a much slower filling of energy bars than manual combos. Medium Auto Combo ends with a special attack, and sometimes it's a good time to use the Assist combined with changing the character. You can find more details below.

Character Switch

Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Switch

You can change characters during a fight in several different ways. The simplest way is holding one of the two character change buttons at any time. They are assigned the same as Assists. More effective ways of swtch your characters is do this during performing a special attack - for example at the end of Medium Auto Combo. In this case, your new character will also perform a special attack before joining the fight. Another good solution is switch at the right moment to extend your combo, or as the quick transition from defense to attack.

Character Switch: Holdor
Change the current character to one of the other two team members.
Snapback: , Holdor
Force one of the opponent's assist characters into the match./td>
Guard Cancel: + Holdorwhile blocking
Switch characters while blocking. Costs one Ki bar.

Additional Controls

Dragon Ball FighterZ Additional Controls

You already know the most important moves and you can start your adventure with Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, if you like, you can also use few other tricks. Deflect attack can be very useful during combat, but requires strict timing and a lot of practice. The Universal Anti-Air Attack will stop most of your opponent's attacks from the air. Universal Overhead will reduce the distance of your opponent's face with the ground in a very short time. Each of these moves appropriately used is very dangerous for your opponent.

Deflect: +
Deflect the incoming attack, even ki blasts and beams.
Anti-Air: +
Perform counter to the most aerial attacks.
Overhead: +
Perform overhead attack.

Battle Tutorials

Dragon Ball FighterZ Training Battles

In the Practice section of the game Lobby, you can take part in a series of training fights in which you'll practice moves from many different categories. Once it'll be a simple combo, other times some tricks with movement. It's very advisable to start the game from that. You'll also encounter Battle Tutorials during Story Mode.