Hyper Dragon Ball Z: How to add SSGSS Goku and Vegeta, Piccolo update

If you downloaded Hyper Dragon Ball Z, meybe you know there are 2 hidden characters in chars folder - SSGSS Goku (in-game as Cyan Goku) and SSGSS Vegeta (Cyan Vegeta). They are not fully finished characters. However, if you wish, you can have them on your roster.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z - SSGSS Goku vs SSGSS Vegeta
Hyper Dragon Ball Z - SSGSS Goku vs SSGSS Vegeta

To do this, simply add them to a file select.def (Hyper DBZ Folder/data) as shown below.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z - How to add SSGSS Goku and Vegeta
How to add SSGSS Goku and Vegeta i select.def file

If you don't want add them to roster but want to play Goku or Vegeta with SSGSS color pallete, just copy them from their Palettes folders (for example Hyper DBZ folder/chars/SSJGod_GokuZ2/Palettes) and paste to Vegeta's and SSJ Goku's Palettes folders.

Piccolo update

Piccolo has been released for Hyper Dragon Ball Z, and the creators have added his update, the details of which you can get to know below. It should be the last update till next full Hyper Dragon Ball Z build. Piccolo updated version can be downloaded from the official website (guide how to add him to the game you can find here), and he is also available in Hyper Dragon Ball Z Majin Build in our download section.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo

Piccolo - What has been updated?

  • Special Beam Cannon changed to QCFx2, P
  • Color of aura fixed.
  • Changed voice for back throw.
  • Added envshake to the Clones Collision intro.
  • Added transparency to ghosts.
  • Clones now only take 150 life. Clone still has 200 life. You can absorb them back and gain 50 life points. Minimum to create them is now 160.
  • Carnage Blitz has 3 ticks faster start up
  • Finally for real fixed the slowdown issues with some attacks. There was not a limiter on the combo limiter helper. So it was making SEVERAL the entire time it hit. Special thanks to RawkHawk for checking this and telling me on Discord.
  • Fixed the Mystic Harpoon not grabbing.
  • Changed the dampening one more time
  • Now if Piccolo hits a standing or crouching opponent it gives 1 dampening point. Like before. But now if the opponent is in the air or OTG the attacks give 2 points.
  • Things like Mystic Harpoon, Lighting, and others that gave you a HUGE increase in dampening points when they connected no longer do. They do 1 point or 2 depending on the above.
  • I also decreased the amount Mystic Harpoon divides the damage after hit. Now instead of dividing in half it divides by 1.75
  • Added ability to press start to select color when you have the color select option turned on in config. It was supposed to have been in last build but I goofed. So now you can spend as long as you like looking for the colors you want.
  • Clones disappear and reappear correctly during Hellzone Grenade.

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