Dragon Ball FighterZ: Watch the complete Story Mode

If you haven't played Dragon Ball FighterZ or focused on other modes than Story Mode, watch the complete story on our YouTube channel. We wiped out everything that might disturb you during watching, and left only cutscenes and the most important fights.

The story mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ consists of three Arcs. In fact, each of them tells the same story from a different perspective. Super Warrior Arc is the most typical story from the perspective of Goku and the rest of our favorite "good" characters. Enemy Warrior Arc is a story told from the perspective of Frieza. Last, Android 21 Arc is a story from the perspective of androids. Each story is different, but in each we find information that explains various threads from other chapters. We put the first episodes of each Arc below. At the end of each video you will find a link to the next part.

Super Warrior Arc

Enemy Warrior Arc

Android 21 Arc

You can find more information about Dragon Ball FighterZ in our encyclopedia.

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