Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz: Update 2.0 all character gameplay trailers

In the latest update 2.0 which took place on December 4, Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz added some new characters, including the new Broly (base and Full Power versions) from Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Alongside the Legendary Super Saiyan, the players can now play as Goku SSGSS, Vegeta SSGSS, Whis, Goku Super Saiyan, Vegeta Super Saiyan, Future Trunks (from Dragon Ball Super), Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose, Golden Frieza, Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2, Perfect Cell, and Goku Black. Watch all trailers below.

Update 2.0 trailer

Character trailers

Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz is free-to-play browser game with item-based micro-transactions available via Japanese Yahoo! Games. The game features 4 v 4 survival battles where you'll power-up and switch between four characters during battle, adapting your team to the situation. You can cooperate with your friends in battles and share items with them.