Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz: Teaser trailer and official website

Bandai Namco published the first teaser trailer from the recently announced Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz. The video reveals what fights will look like. As we could read in the latest issue of V-Jump, the game features 4 v 4 battles in which you'll power-up your characters and switch between them during fight. Our heroes use their flashy moves and the gameplay seems fast and dynamic. More details will appear soon. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below.

Bandai Namco also launched the official website of the game. You can find it here: https://dbz-xk-p.bandainamco-ol.jp. In addition, you can also follow Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz on Twitter.

Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz is free-to-play browser game with item-based micro-transactions and will be launched for Japanese players this spring. The game features 4 v 4 survival battles where you'll power-up and switch between four characters during battle, adapting your team to the situation. You'll be able to cooperation with your friends in fights and share items with them. At the moment we don't know anything about release to other regions. Surely soon there will be more information about Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz. Stay tuned!